For new clients:
Thank you for the taking the time to prepare for us to work together.  I would like to make the treatment process to be as positive and transparent as possible.

In this New Client Page, you will find:
-Client Information Form
-Disclosure of Info and Consent for Treatment
-Billing and Cancellation Policy

Please read and complete the documents included above.
Email the Client Information Form to me at so that I can be attuned to your needs before our first appointment.

Treatment Information:
The treatment session will involve assessment, bodywork, movement education, dialogue and movement exercises. The majority of the treatment will be received laying on a massage table, and you will be up off the table doing movement and stretching.I would like you to be as comfortable as possible both on and off the treatment table.
Clothing options: underwear, loose workout attire, tank top and yoga shorts, or two-piece bathing suit, or any combination of the previous.
Please, no heavy or bulking clothing.
Please do not drink alcohol or use other nonprescribed mind-altering substances prior to our appointments.

Post Treatment:
Please drink lots of water and refrain from foods that have high fat and sugar content after our sessions.  The bodywork can release toxins from your tissue, and water and healthy foods will help you process these more easily.Please do not plan hard physical activities after the session.  Your body will need time to integrate the work before it has to respond to a strong physical demand.
You may be sore after the session. This may feel like you have done a workout, and should only last 24-48 hours.

I will provide the address of my location in Wilmington, DE to your cell phone or email.

Payment is accepted at the time of service.  The exchange is $150 per 75-minute session.  You can pay via cash, check, bank transfer such as Venmo or PayPal.  I do not accept credit card payments.

I look forward to working with you,