Joy is a professional in the field of healing arts that delivers consistent high-quality treatments.  Working with manual therapy and movement education, her therapeutic interventions are safe and simple.  She combines her training and experience to create specialized plans to meet each client’s needs. Intuitively, she includes energy work to aid in whatever manual therapy technique that she is applying.  Her holistic approach can benefit almost anyone.  Many of her clients and her client’s families consider her a trusted professional on the forefront of manual medicine.  Clients that suffer from chronic pain and strain that have tried many other options have found permanent relief by working with Joy.

Inclined to movement in her personal life, Joy danced and did gymnastics as a child, and then competitive sports through college.  Her graduate degree was in Rehabilitation and Sports Performance.  As a professional, she worked with clients to rehabilitate longstanding injuries which led her to discover the current field she works in, Bodywork.  She first studied Thai Massage in Thailand, then apprenticed with a Rolfer and Craniosacral therapist for two years.  Joy studied to solidify her knowledge in what is happening when we experience pain.  Her training in pain management has been clinically proven to be more effective than conventional physical therapy.   Her main certification as a Structural Integrator is through the Hellerwork Institute.  Hellerwork is a practice similar to Rolfing that also includes somatic dialogue and exploring the emotional content of areas of discomfort or tension in the body.  In her advanced trainings for Structural Integration, she has learned how to work with scars in an astonishingly gentle and effective method through Sharon Wheeler’s Scarwork.  She is also working within the framework of Adaptive Alignment.  Liz Gaggini’s development of Adaptive Alignment differs from most methods of Structural Integration in that each session aims to bring a person’s body back to it’s natural state, without imposing an idealized alignment to that person’s structure.  For example, not everyone’s pelvis naturally balances in a place that is horizontal; so each part of the body is responding to another part’s adaption.  Being able to see this and allow the body to find it’s natural alignment has been a big improvement in Joy’s manual work with clients. Currently, she is also exploring Family Constellation therapy, and incorporating these concepts into her one-on-one sessions.  Family Constellation therapy is built on the principles that describe how our experiences are often not just ours.  Being able to decipher what is ours and what might be our parents and grandparents, has been amazingly beneficial to clients in the somatic side of her work.

Joy cares deeply about the quality of her holistic work and does her best to ensure improvement.  She also has a growing network of trusted referrals in the Philadelphia and Wilmington area, so she can refer clients to other quality professionals as needed.

Do you want to work with a solid professional that can provide solutions that you never felt were possible?  Call Joy to have a consultation.