Joy is a professional in the field of healing arts that delivers consistent high-quality treatments in holistic medicine.  She has found a simple, safe and therapeutic intervention that can not only bring someone out of pain; it also can create a new sense of strength and freedom.  This holistic practice is called Hellerwork Structural Integration.  It includes bodywork similar to Rolfing to realign the body’s soft tissue, movement awareness coaching, and a therapeutic dialogue to help create more body awareness so that repetitive strain injuries become a thing of the past.  Joy is a certified Hellerwork practitioner, and she has education and experience in other related fields.  She has a graduate degree in Rehabilitation, 5 years experience as a personal trainer,  a certification in Thai Massage from Thailand and the United States, over 1000 hours of professional practice in this modality, and training in Biodynamic Craniosacral.  Intuitively, she includes energy work to aid in whatever manual therapy technique that she is applying.  Her holistic approach can benefit almost anyone.  Many of her clients and her client’s families consider her a trusted professional on the forefront of complementary medicine.  Clients that suffer from chronic pain and strain that have tried many other options have found permanent relief by working with Joy.  She is the only Hellerwork practitioner in Philadelphia and the newest and youngest of five certified Structural Integrators working in Philadelphia.

Joy cares deeply about the quality of her holistic work with clients and does her best to ensure improvement.  She also has a growing network of trusted referrals in the Philadelphia area, so she can refer clients to other quality professionals as needed.  Frequently, Joy studies to solidify her knowledge.  She has the best education in advanced bodywork, first studying Biodynamic Structural Integration and then joining the Hellerwork profession to finish her credentials.  Her training in pain management has been clinically proven to be more effective than conventional physical therapy.

When Joy’s not working with clients, there are a few spots that you may likely find her: in her herb garden digging and planting, exploring the restaurant scene in Philadelphia, checking out the wonderful exercise studios in Philadelphia, or curled up reading a good book with her cat.

Do you want to work with a solid professional that can provide solutions that you never felt possible?  Call Joy to get started.