Here are resources that can help you heal.
The practitioners listed are trusted to deliver quality work.  The resources below are invaluable as you educate yourself in taking better care of your body.

Trusted Professionals in the Philadelphia area:

Ula Katsoulis - Cranial, Lymph, and Visceral Manipulation
A highly educated, kind, and focused professional practicing in New York and Philadelphia.  She has 20+ years experience using effective techniques for regulating the nervous system and improving the fluid dynamics throughout the body.

Ariel Weiss - Alexander Technique
An outrageously talented woman who can dramatically enhance your quality of movement...and she's right here in Philly!

Jean-Jacques Gabriel - Yoga, Acroyoga, Thai Bodywork
A young man with wise old soul; he uses a whole-hearted and centered approach to teaching many styles yoga and Thai to all levels

Doren Day - Acupuncture
A gentle woman with keen insight and a soft approach.  Her use of needles and healing touch is highly effective.  I recommend seeing her to support the self-healing possibilities that our body possesses

Andrea B Largent - Professional Counselor, Therapist, and Educator
Located in Kennett-Square, Andrea offers a clear and heart-centered approach to her clients and students.  With consistency, she facilitates an empowering space to grow.

Diane and Rob Mayer, owners of White Feather Farm
This couple has created an oasis for people and their canine family members to do deep healing work.  They offer different programs and events on their property in line with what's needed collectively as the planet goes through this current transformation.

Articles, Videos, and Books

"Drawing the ache in my head"
Article by Joy Carey about an unlikely resource a client used to dissolve her issues with migraines

Prophylactic Antivirals
Article by Joy Carey to summarize what Stephen Harrod Buhner writes about the SARS-CoV-2 virus

Murder Hornets
Article by Joy Carey that was part of an interview published on Youtube.  I am posting this here so that people who are interested can read about cultural programming.

How does Constellation work help people?
An article by Joy Carey that goes into the theory of Constellation work.

How does the brain work in pain?
A video in which David Butler, renowned clinician and researcher, presents game-changing ideas about how to heal pain

Stephen Porges: the Polyvagal Theory and the Vagal Nerve (Video)
Interviewer: Dave Asprey

Taller, Slimmer, Younger
A Quality Foam-Rolling and Exercise Program coherent with Structural Integration
By Lauren Roxburgh

Align for Life
A Step-by-step guide to the Hellerwork Series and maintaining progress at home
By Dan Bienenfeld

The Fuzz Speech
Dr. Gil Hedley gives a valuable 5-minute talk on the importance of movement and stretching to maintain the sliding properties of fascia

The best kept secret in Bodywork: Hellerwork
By Joseph Hunton

The role of Hellerwork in a Holistic Health Perspective
By Don St. Jon

Hellerwork and Pregnancy
By Roger Golten