Joy uses her bodywork skills to align her client's neck. He is calm and relaxed, which allows Joy to gently move and stretches the structures that are causing repetitive strain injury.

Joy is a certified Hellerwork Structural Integration practitioner. Working with Joy will dramatically improve your posture, release myofascial tissue and decrease pain.  Her service to clients includes bodywork to encourage structural alignment, movement education, and therapeutic dialogue. Her approach is designed to organize your body’s structure in order to greatly improve overall health, create more energy, and reduce the effects of physical and mental stress.Her clients have said that her work has greatly improved how they feel in their bodies, and it gives them the sense of being more naturally in alignment.  This realignment can bring relief from general aches and pains, enhance breathing, and improve

Her clients have said that her work has greatly improved how they feel in their bodies, and it gives them the sense of being more naturally in alignment.  This realignment can bring relief from general aches and pains, enhance breathing, and improve sleep.  The bodywork, dialogue, and movement education components of her practice work together to eliminate repetitive strain injury.

She has experience in treating specific physical problems such as chronic low back pain, neck stiffness, shoulder tightness, knee pains, and numb feet.  Her work particularly has greatly improved the outcomes of surgical procedures, and she has noticeable success with relieving symptoms for clients who deal with neurological conditions such as Parkinson's and MS.

"My initial impression of Joy was that she was too small and young, but she spoke with authority, listened intently and really understood the connection between the body and the spirit.  I know this sounds crazy, but the relief I felt after only the first few sessions were remarkable and sustaining.  Joy possesses a very solid understanding of physiology and a wisdom beyond her years.  When we worked together she was laser focused and intent on getting feedback and working together.  I felt as if I was her only client when we were in a session.  It is very obvious how passionate she is about her practice and she is fervent about staying current and learning as much as she can.  I continued working with Joy over the course of several years and will always turn to her as long as she is available to me. 
I have and will refer people to Joy without any hesitation.  Joy is talented and has a very special gift."
I had not done any bodywork in my 60+ years of life.   Then I met Joy at a conference, got to know her a bit and then began an adventure of improving the functioning of my body with her modalities and advice. 
First, I must say Joy is wise far beyond her years.   She always asks how you are at the beginning of your session and tailors her work to meet your needs.   Whatever ache or injury I come in with, it's always better when I leave.  And you don't have to wait for weeks until you can see a specialist who will only order tests and rarely fixes what is ailing you.
I have Parkinson's disease.  One specific improvement that I can attribute directly to Joy is that before I started working with her, I tended to drag my left leg when I walked, especially when low on medicine.  Now that doesn't occur at any time.   
Joy is respectful, listens well and genuinely wants to help you improve your body's condition.  She supports your efforts and suggests other approaches if the initial one doesn't work.
I would strongly recommend that you give yourself the chance to experience Joy's wisdom and healing touch.
My whole life I struggled with pain from inflexibility, finding even restful yoga classes to be painful.  I avoided the prospect of self improvement altogether. I had issues with stress physically manifesting, and it had built up to the point of several hospitalizations.  I felt challenged emotionally and physically to move forward with my life. That changed when I connected with Joy in 2014.
 The bodywork that she’s provided has permanently changed my outlook on the world and the capacity of my own body. Attuned to my changing endurance, Joy adeptly measured when she could push me further, and when I needed restorative measures in order to heal. Never one to limit the process only to her work, she offers a wealth of knowledge and textual recommendations in order to make healing happen. She sees my potential and is a constant presence in my life. If you are on the path to self improvement, I strongly urge you to work with Joy, as it will carry into every aspect of your life.

Joy has been tremendous in helping to alleviate chronic pain caused by a physical, emotional and stress related injury.  She is caring, supportive, knowledgeable and concerned about all facets of my well-being. Traditional medical practices including  physical therapy, acupuncture, medications, injections, nuclear medicine studies and consultations with physiatrists, orthopedists,  and neurologists resulted in a limited “bag of tricks” to help me.  With her nonjudgmental, personal approach, Joy’s structural integration techniques have helped on the road to recovery. 
I am so appreciative that a friend’s referral resulted in such a positive relationship.  I will always be grateful to Joy.